2UP Gaming PLC Sets Its Eyes on Indian Gaming Market

2UP PLC, a reputed online entertainment and gaming company, is seeking to enter into a partnership with leading players in the Indian gaming industry. Such partnerships would help the company further expand its business and globalize its products. The executives of the company would soon travel to India to meet with potential partners.

Recently, 2UP had been successful in finalizing deals with ToteDaddy, an Asian betting giant, to launch its wagering and gaming products on the website of ToteDaddy.

Gambling in India is gaining much popularity. A report on online gambling trends by Media and Entertainment Consulting Network (MECN) identified India as a fast-growing online gaming market together along with other Asian countries. This is because of the growing popularity of the internet in India. MECN provides analysis, advice and in-depth knowledge to global clients on various issues regarding media and entertainment industry. The company’s research indicated that the number of people who use the internet has grown 20 times in the last five years in India.

Peter Bentley, Managing director of 2UP is confident that the company would be able to successfully establish itself in India. He said that that by entering into a partnership with leading companies in Indian gaming, the company would benefit a lot. He also said that there are a lot of potential opportunities for online gambling to flourish in India.

He remarked that many Indians have access to the internet and there is a great possibility that the gambling industry would soon start growing exponentially. He also said that a large majority of India’s 100 million internet users regularly visit gaming sites, which is surely a positive sign.

2UP aims to focus mainly on coin toss games initially, a hugely popular game that is played in many countries. This is an easy game that is played by tossing two coins into the air. The players would have to call if the tossed coins would fall as two heads or two tails. The player who makes the correct call is the winner. The animated versions of the coin-tossing game has proved to be quite popular with players.

The company also plans to release many other established games in order to attract new players to its site. 2UP says that it has plenty of unique games and wagering options that would go down well with Indian players.

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