2UP Online Gaming Looking to India

Online gaming company 2UP Gaming has found great potential for expansion in India and is keen on securing a deal with leading figures in the Indian gaming industry. Executives from 2UP are scheduled to travel to India and South Asia in September in the hopes of gaining a footing in these emerging markets. With ever increasing technological advancements in India and the sheer population that uses the internet for many purposes including online gambling, many parts in South Asia provide the potential for much larger markets.

According to a report by the MECN (Media and Entertainment Consulting Network) the latest trends reveal that India is a potential gold mine for online gaming. With an incredible growth of over US $60 billion in the Indian markets during 2009, and internet usage shooting up to 20 times its value in five years, it is no wonder that UK-based online gaming companies are rushing to the Indian subcontinent.

In June, 2UP Gaming finalized a deal with ToteDaddy, one of Asia’s biggest betting companies. Both live streaming and animated forms of 2UP will be available to the massive global audience that ToteDadddy caters to. This classic coin toss game from Australia is considered to be a crowd favourite, especially when it is being distributed by a reputed company like ToteDaddy. 2UP also entered an agreement in late June to buy online slots for affiliate businesses.

Presently, 2UP is providing the classic coin toss game where players call on the toss and a correct call wins. This game is very popularly played in many countries all over the world and is expected to become a favourite in India too. 2UP offers free versions of the game that are a good alternative for those who prefer not to play real money gambling games. There are plans to introduce other wagering and gaming alternatives.

Peter Bentley of 2UP Gaming believes that forming ties with growing gaming industries in untapped markets like India can pave way for a wider market and form a strong foundation for global membership for 2UP. With the number of players drastically increasing, 2UP feels it is essential to set up an international market. India will provide the potential for at least 100 million users in which about 41 million regularly indulge in online gambling. If 2UP manages to strike the right deals, it could very well become the reigning force in the world of online gambling.

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