Baccarat Strategy – A Guide To Winning At Baccarat

Casino enthusiasts favour baccarat for many reasons. One of which is that the game is simple and can be learned and played with ease. Also, the game is among the few that have a low house edge. The banker’s edge in the game is only 1.17%, while that for players is 1.35%.

To maximize the advantage offered by this, it is best to employ baccarat strategies. Most of the strategies are simple, and the ones in which players have to learn and use systems of betting can take time and dedication. Here are some of the systems and strategies that you can use:

Opting for less number of decks

One of the first aspects to pay attention to, when playing baccarat is the number of decks used in the game. Opt for a table that uses less number of decks. This can offer you a better edge for winning in baccarat. However, this baccarat strategy is most useful only if the table or casino at which you play does not place additional rules that can negatively affect your edge. Some of the areas in which the casino might apply such rule are to ties and payouts.

Avoiding the tie bet

One of the aspects on which you can bet is a tie that will offer you 9 times your wager amount. However, it is important to avoid betting on the tie as the house edge on this bet is significantly high. The casino has an advantage of 14% on a tie that is supposed to pay 9 times. The house edge is significantly higher when the tie is supposed to pay 8 times.

Betting on the banker

Betting on the banker can be more profitable than betting on a tie. This is because it has a casino edge of 1.17%, so betting on the banker can be rewarding at times. However, it requires you to pay the casino 5% of what you win.

Playing few games

As baccarat is a game with a house edge, it is important to quit playing when you have won a couple of times. This will help you preserve your bankroll from losses (that could result) in the long run. Another baccarat strategy to use to manage your bankroll is to set a limit on the number of bets that you place or the total amount of money that you intend to use for the bets.

Using betting systems

Another useful baccarat strategy is to use betting systems in the game. There are different types of baccarat betting systems. Two of them are – parlay betting and paroli betting:

Parlay betting

Parlay betting is one of the simplest systems of wagering in baccarat. To begin parlay betting, you will have to place a wager. This can be followed by a win or a loss. If you lose, place another wager. On the other hand, if you win, double the last bet. This bet can be used only when you wager on even-money. It is ideal only when used for short periods of time, after which you will have to employ another betting system.

Paroli betting

In Paroli betting too, you will have to double the wagering amount if you win. However, this is done only three times consecutively. After winning three times with this, you will have to once again start betting with the initial bet amount.

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