Gaming Software Companies

Other than the bonuses and customer support offered by an online casino, there is yet another factor that determines how enjoyable your online gaming experience is – the software. It powers the various games offered online and makes a significant difference to the ease with which you can play on a site, the speed of the game and its look and feel too. The main object that casino game software developers have in mind is to create a virtual game that gives the player the same experience that he would get by playing at an actual brick and mortar casino. The game should load quickly, run without glitches or slow downs and it should allow for adequate checks at different points to ensure fair gaming.

Online casinos usually enter into tie ups with reputed software companies, wherein the latter maintains, upgrades and trouble-shoots the software as long as the agreement is in force. The developer should also bring in new games periodically to keep players interested and happy.

Since the software has such an important part to play, all of the reputed casinos prefer to partner with well established and tested software developers for their online gaming. Some of the most reliable providers of casino software include:

Real Time Gaming

Real Time Gaming or RTG is one of the most well known names in online casino gaming software. This company was established in the late 1990’s and since then, it has stayed in the lead where gaming software is concerned. Some of the best online casinos use RTG software to power their games. This software is best known for its simplicity and ease of use that lets even a new player start gaming like a pro within a short time.


Well-known casinos like Europa, Circus and scores of others use Playtech software to run their games. This software developer is the largest internet gambling software provider to be publicly traded. This lends credibility to the company and its products. BMM International, the testing group for casinos and regulatory bodies, certifies Playtech software. This software also powers private gaming platforms for some of the larger casinos.


Microgaming is a software development company that was one of the pioneers in casino gambling software. It is also credited with coming up with a regulatory framework for online casino games. This company was established in 1994, making it more experienced than Playtech and RTG. Microgaming software, known for its reliability, powers some of the hugely popular casinos like Crazy Vegas.

Vegas Technology

Vegas Technology is another top ranking gambling software provider. This company’s software is primarily designed for Pokies and Tournaments. Originally, when this company started business in 1998, it was called Odds On. Since then, it has been providing some of the best graphics that the online gambling industry has ever seen. Fair games and user-friendly interface are the features that set this company’s software apart from the rest.

Choosing an online casino that uses reliable software from developers like the ones above is critical to ensure that you have a problem-free and enjoyable time when you start playing. Casinos usually offer fairly detailed information about the software powering their games, on their site.

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