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One of the biggest advantages of playing poker cash games online is that you have such a wide variety of games from which to choose to play. The variety is not only in the different limits, different sizes, and different variations of games but it is in the fact that there are usually a lot of games of exactly the same limit, size, and variation.
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Online Cash Games are Faster Paced

This is important you because if you do not like, or more importantly if you are not winning, in a game, then you can switch to another table quite easily.

It takes a lot less time to play a hand of poker in an online cash game than it does in a live casino game. When you take all of the time that you save on one hand and multiply it by how many hands that you play in a day, week, or month, you will see how very big a factor that this really is.

Playing Multiple Tables is an Option Online

You can not do this in a live cash game but you can certainly do it in an online cash game. Having the ability to play at multiple tables at the same time can really have a beneficial impact on you rate of win. If you find that your win rate is dipping you might want to consider cutting back on the number of tables that you play in at any given time. Many players find it difficult to not play in a lot of pots because they get bored. When you play multiple cash games online then you can avoid this problem because even though you are sitting out of the action at one table, you are participating in the action at several others.

Keeping Records is easier Online

Keeping records is a very important factor to your long term success. Playing in online cash games makes it a lot easier for you to keep records. At a live cash game table you would have to sit there with a pen and a notepad and constantly be writing down pieces of information. At an online cash game this is a lot easier to do. online pokerMost online poker rooms give you the option of making notes on opposing players and this is a really good advantage of online play because you don’t have to leave everything to memory. You can make notes on players as you think of them and they will be available to you whenever you are in a game again with that same player. You also want to be able to analyze your own play and there is no comparison that is is very much easier to do this in an online cash game. Most online casinos provide you with statistics. During play you can check them to see how what percentage of hands that you are taking to the flop and what percentage of them that you are calling and raising with. You should check your stats at the end of every cash game sitting and record that information in a separate notebook or a spreadsheet so that you can identify how certain areas of your play affect your win and loss ratios over time.

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