Ratings Received by the Indian Bowling Team

The recent test matches against England haven’t been smooth for the Indian cricket team. It is after a long time that the team appears to be out of practice while its opponent played with full confidence. A series of defeats is what, the world champions experienced this time. Here are the ratings received by the bowlers of India, on their performance in the latest test matches with England.

Highest scoring players

To top scoring Indian bowler is Praveen Kumar. With 8 points, the player seems to have made a solid place among the bowlers of India. Praveen missed the fourth test match of India vs England. His fantastic score of 15 wickets at 29.53 is a never to be forgotten performance amidst the miserable performances delivered by other players. Online betting will now observe this player closely. Ishant Sharma assumes the second position after Praveen. He is given a rating of 5.

Low scoring players

With an economy rate of 4.44, Sreesanth stands with a rating of 2. With 8 wickets at 61.62, the player’s performance hasn’t been too bad. Amit Mishra received 2 points again. He finds a place in the lower order of the team’s batting set-up. This makes him an ideal replacement of Harbhajan Singh. However, with a poor score of 3 wickets at 106.66, critics suggest that he is still not a good enough replacement for the spinner.

Lack of confidence is clearly seen in the performance of Harbhajan Singh. The player managed 2 wickets after bowling for 69 odd overs. With 1 point in the ratings, it is interesting to find out how the player will be dealt by the sports bettors. RP Singh proved to be a liability for the team due to his extremely slow performance in the recent matches with England. Lack of practice was clearly visible in his performance which fetched him a rating of 1.

Zaheer Khan gets 2 points in the recent ratings. Although it is more of bad luck than performance which is responsible for the player’s breakdown, it is high time that Zaheer as well as the team takes responsibility of India’s poor performance.

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