The Gambling Scene in India’s North Eastern Belt

The Indian sub-continent, with its 1.2 billion population is an attractive market for any kind of business. The tenth largest economy of the world has however not been able to progress much with respect to gambling. It operates with a lot of restrictions in the country and Goa and Sikkim are the only states allowing gambling activities. When estimated, the gambling market of India is worth $60 per year. 20% of it is contributed by online gambling.

Popularity of online poker in Nagaland

With regard to the popularity of gambling, the scenario is encouraging in the north-eastern belt. Online poker is gaining momentum in this part. With easy accessibility to the internet, online poker has achieved huge popularity among Naga players. A big reason for the popularity of online poker in Nagaland is that, people can play the game maintaining their anonymity. The industry is one of the fastest growing in this region.

There is an overwhelming popularity of social networking sites in the country. Slowly these have spread in the north eastern regions as well. An interesting part about the social networking sites is that, most of them offer free online poker games. Numerous games are offered by these sites-a big reason why users spend a lot of time on them. Access to free poker, has enhanced the game’s popularity even more. But buying chips is not free at these networking sites. Credit cards can be used for buying poker chips.

Poker chips selling at low prices

Interesting news is reported from Nagaland. There are certain groups selling poker chips at a price way lesser than what the networking sites offer. Availability of poker chips at lower rates results into players spending entire days and nights on the game. Groups selling these poker chips find addicted players, willing to buy a large number of them. Rongsen Jamir of Nagaland has been into this business for a while. He revealed that, there was a time when he sold a million poker chips for Rs 400-Rs 500. However, Jamir is not into the profession for quite some time and is not aware of the current rates at which poker chips are sold.

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